Who we are

One platform. One solution.

Many users, many partnerships.

Simple, effective, affordable.

Adaptable scheme design

  • Customise online sign-up forms.
  • Add your own brand logo.
  • Choose your own terminology.
  • Edit email templates.
  • Create custom emails.

Programme scalability

  • Seamless user onboarding.
  • Multiple schemes; one account.
  • Intra-, extra- or cross-organisational schemes.
  • Highly configurable subscription tiers to suit your needs.

Flexible member options

  • Participants can join more than one scheme, and have different roles in each.
  • Multiple partnerships for individual participants supported.

Accountability and reports

  • Full historical records.
  • View member and partnership profiles to track status and progress.
  • Reports suite – view, print, and download to Excel®.
  • Sortable tables allow for easy filtering of member data.

Intelligent matching

  • Intelligent matching based on easily managed matching algorithm.
  • Adjust matching algorithm with weighted priority levels.
  • Match from individual profiles or in bulk matching process.

Scheme management built-in

  • Editable default emails and personalised custom emails to suit every scenario.
  • Add different types of note to member and partnership profiles.
  • Add ‘flags’ to profiles where action is required.
  • Date-specific reminders that can be scheme-wide or for specific admin users.
  • Live tracking of partnership status.

Software updates

  • Hosted in the cloud, you'll never need to install.
  • Updates are continual and incremental.
  • All upgrades included in subscription price.
  • Admin-accessible bug tracker allows for easy reporting of bugs and recommendations.

Technical support

  • Depending on subscription level, email or telephone support is provided.
  • Online bug tracker allows for reporting bugs and making recommendations.
  • Progress can be monitored through bug tracker.
  • Your bug reports and recommendations form and shape SUMAC®!

Secure data

  • UK located, ISO 27001 certified data centers.
  • SSL certified throughout (in use across whole system) to protext your privacy.
  • Secure and strong password creation with visible strength meter.
  • Granular security levels for authenticated users.




...simple, time saving but effective depository for all partnership information...easier reporting and evidencing of impact.
Easy to adapt... and extremely user-friendly for new applicants to schemes.
SUMAC® reduces the amount of time spent on administrative functions
SUMAC®...has significantly reduced the number of errors we've made while matching...It's simplified the matching process.
SUMAC® has supported us hugely... It is easy to use and new tools are continually being added.

SUMAC® provides us with a professional coaching and mentoring matching interface that all staff can access in a confidential manner which given the highly personal nature of this intervention is hugely important.  It has provided the co-ordinators of the various mentoring and coaching schemes with a simple, time saving but effective depository for all partnership information which makes for easier reporting and thus evidencing of impact and engagement by our staff. 

Sophie Sowerby
Training Manager
Durham University

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